Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Okay Life Of a Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Scribner Paperback Fiction, 1952.    Genre: Fiction

       In the Old Man and the Sea, the protagonist was the old man ( thin and gaunt). The setting took place in a skiff in the Gulf Stream. The first conflict was that the old man hadn't caught a fish in 84 days. The second conflict was getting away from sharks, because the marlin was bleeding but was to big to put on the boat, so he strapped it to the side. The blood from the marlin attracted sharks.
  Review from a Amazon reader "A quite wonderful example of narrative art. The writing is as taut, and at the same time as lithe and cunningly played out, as the line on which the old man plays the fish" --Guardian. I chose this quote because it really gets to the point of the story and its writing. So yes I agree with this quote. 
   The story was kind of boring at the beginning nut did get a little more entertaining later on, like when the shark attacked. "The shark's head was out of the water and his back was coming out and the old man could hear the noise of skin and flesh ripping on the big fish when he rammed the harpoon down onto the shark's head at a spot where the line between his eyes intersected with the line that ran straight back from his nose." pg 101-102. This quote from The Old Man and the Sea shows a lot of imagery about the shark and what is happening to it.
  The Old Man and the Sea is kinda like this book I read called The Cay. They both had similar settings that dealt with water. Also the characters had a old man and a boy just like in The Old Man and the Sea. It is different however because in The Cay, the men are stuck on a island, where as then men in The Old Man and the Sea are not. Also the little boy becomes blind in The Cay, the boy in The Old Man and the Sea doesn't.
The quote "A man can be destroyed but not defeated" to me means that you can fight me and destroy me but I will never be defeated because I will get back and keep trying. I agree with this quote, for example the recent bombing that happened in Boston. Lives were lost and destroyed but everyone is saying there still going to do it the next years to come because they are not defeated.
I didn't really like this book. I like reading about more fantasy or more adventurous and I found this story was very slow and kinda sad too. It eventually got better and more exciting but I wasn't a big fan of it.
I rate The Old Man and the Sea, a 2 Paw= Find Better Prey

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Simple Revenge.....                         

                  A SIMPLE REVENGE
It was a late night and daddy was late for dinner. My mom was very worried that he got in trouble with his co-workers. Frankly, i hope he did. My dad was a mean jerk and i didn’t like him.
“Oh my goodness! Where is Tony?” My mother spoke worriedly. And as if on cue, my dad walked into the house with a angered look.
“Tony, where have you been? “ Mom asked.
“At work, Mary.” He responded rudely.
I have had no idea what happened next, i zoned out, but all of sudden he was yelling and screaming at her Damian, my brother, ran down the stairs and hide me somewhere, so i didn’t have to watch it.
“Damian.....Why does mommy and daddy fight?” i  asked him.
“It’s there test.”
“Yes, Crystal. A test, God is testing them to see if there love for each other can survive every fight”
“I think it’s more force than love for each other....” I spoke angered
“ Oh Crystal, you know that isn’t true. Dad loves all of us and wouldn’t hurt us.”
“Hmph, right.”
Mom walked over to us, crying “Dinner is ready, sniff”
We went to the table and did our prayers
Dad  asked me “what did you pray for, Crystal?”
I responded “ For you to be dead.”
My dad had chuckled and mumbled something about, me taken over the business instead of Damian. We finished our dinner in utter silence after that, then it all happened all too fast. A
familular lookingman bursted into our house and shot my mother and father in the head, I ran. Ran up the stairs and hid. I heard another loud BANG! and then talking downstairs. I don’t know how long i waited before heading down the stairs, but when I went down, I wished I didn’t. My mother, father and brother all laid dead on the ground bleeding out.......

I jumped up from my bed, gasping and panting. I just had a nightmare about my family being killed again.  It happens almost every night. I haven’t got a good nights sleep since that night. The cops had came, my uncle got custody over me  blah blah blah! I eventually left them, moved on in life, got a job, a home the normal stuff.
I've been wondering why i recognized that man ever since that night. I just wanted to move on from that night. Though I never moved on... I knew that, I mean the constant nightmares, the guilt, they’re bleeding out images burned into my brain. I sighed and got up out of the bed. I have a meeting with one of my co-workers today. How fun. I mean being a lawyer is fun and all and i love being one but i’m just sooo tired and it’s not very suspenseful.
 ~fast forward to meeting~
She walked into my office, I looked her over, checking her body language. I was always a cautious one, making sure they didn’t seem dangerous or how they would react to sudden things.
“Hello, Crystal” she spoke, her voice soft but seemed a little edgy
“Hi, thank you for coming here today Selfina” i spoke calmly
“Oh, call me Selly.”
“Okay, thank you for coming Selly” i said with a slight chuckle
“Hmm so i wanted to have this meeting with you because i found some interesting information out.” She said, her voice now tinged with sorrow
“About your client or something else?”
“Something else, of course”
“What would that be?”
Selly places a file on her desk “Read this...” then she turns and leaves.
~hours later~
I was angry. Unfundable pissed off. I read that file, and the whole thing it was about was the man who killed my family.
It was one of my dad's business workers, Jonathan. He never liked my dad, since he was the leader of the mafia.. and now, I know where he hides out... I want him killed. Murdered. Destroyed......and I know how exactly to accomplish that. Later that night, I went and sent out a hunt.
I snuck into his house, my knife in my belt, my other weapons in other parts of my clothing well hidden from sight. I walked quietly through the house, to the kitchen where we has standing at the counter, making something that looked like a salad. I wanted him to know who his killer was....I wanted to him to see who ended it all for him. I standed in the doorway and leaned against the wall
“Hello, Jonathan” i spoke, my voice cold and dark. Jon jumped and turned
“Ummmm......D-do i know you?”
kinda. You know my family better.”
“Your family?”
“Yeah, you know the Burchess’? The family that you walked in at dinner and shot at mercilessly.” I sounded angry
“O-o-ohhh.... Your Crystal?.....” he sounded frightened
“And so the man meet his killer.”
When he heard my words, he reached over and grabbed a knife and lunged at me. I grabbed his arm as he slammed into me. I twisted his arm behind him, and he shrieked in pain. I slammed him against the wall and whispered in his ear “Are you happy with your decisions, Jonathan?”

It was his time to go now. I took the knife from his hand, and slammed it into his spine. The man continued to scream as I grabbed his neck and yanked his head back and threw him down onto the ground. I grabbed a spoon and pushes hard into his stomach and continues to stab him with the spoon, being completely ruthless. I began scooping out his parts, pulling out his long intestines and I reached in a pulled out his liver and kidneys.
“Mmmm, i could give these to a hospital for organ donations” I laughed, amused at my strange comment. Jonathan was long dead now, I felt happy about my revenge but i needed to hide the body....... So i went a found hydrochloric acid and I poured it on his body and parts that where scatter from him. I watched them disintegrate and disappear forever. I walked over to the oven and set a towel on it, and when it caught on fire, I ran out before anyone saw the house fire.
~Later on in the week~
The fire had been all over the news. I smiled at the thought of my revenge. That night, something changed in me..... I liked what killing felt like...I liked the blood and screams i saw and heard from my victim. Maybe.....just maybe, I could have that feeling again.....Yeah, i’d like that, I smiled wickedly as the thoughts in my head gave me the best idea ever. HAHAHA!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music Of The Memory

                         What is value? Well i believe value is something of cost or something that means a lot to someone. Everyone has valuable items, they’’re not often the same. How do you know when something is valuable to you? You know when it can make you feel multiple emotions and when it makes you feel like you never want to lose it. Like it’s important in your life. I value a lot of things, but some a little more than others. Like my camera that's full of my family! or when i'm listening or singing music! I value those because they describe my passion and sources in emotions.
    I’ve always loved to sing or listen to music. It honestly puts me in a great mood. I’ve learned to express my emotions through my love of music. I have been obsessed with music since i was very very young. I remember joining concert choir and singing my heart out on the stage with all my friends and musicians.    I was at school and i was in fourth grade. My music teacher, Ms. Simpkins told us what time to be at the concert. I was so very excited, my first concert! I couldn't wait! As i got at the elementary school at 6pm with my parents and grandma. My heart was racing and my hands were a little clammy. I was now very nervous. I went in and found my friends and felt instantly better. I sang my heart out! Hearing the claps and cheers all around us, and then i knew we did good! Since that day i’ve always wanted to be a singer.
     My other favourite thing i value are the pictures i have taken with and of my family. My family is naturally huge, we all live all over, it becomes bigger because my friends are my family too. Anyway  i love taking photos of everything! I like catching my family off guard with its bright flash and then listen to them complain. I remember my cousins wedding, i took so many pictures and posted them on face book, it was when i truly became in love with pictures.   Julie and Pe had already gotten married and we were at the after party. Julie had given me her camera to take pictures with, so i was taking pictures with her camera, my camera and my parents camera. Talk about a lot. I was tired, it had been five hours of dancing, singing, clicking and flashes and laughing too! I thought it was really cool that Julie trusted me, a 14 year old clutz, with her really expensive camera! I mean wow... That’s just awesome! That whole night i sang, took pictures and danced with my family!
                         I would have to say my music would be priced, because i buy music all the time! The type of music i buy is all types, but i'm not a major country fan so not a lot of those. I would have to say the picture taking of my families has to be priceless! Those moments i will have forever and that's why there priceless! 
                         That’s why i value them. So in conclusion, you know why i have such passion for these two things and why they are valuable to me. Well i should go, you should think about what you value now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mocking Game Ender and Valentine from Ender’s Game Katniss from Mockingjay Ender has been travel in the universe through time. He and his older sister, Valentine, had ran out of supplies to survive. So they decided to stop back on Earth to see that, it was 6,000 years in the future. “This is Earth?” Valentine said “I guess........Things have changed like majorly” Ender responded They were in the woods and they saw some movement, and Ender went after it and Val followed. They were chasing this movement for like 10 minutes and then it disappeared. Ender sighed loudly. “Where’d it go!!!” he yelled. All of sudden some eyes poked out of the bushes and it said “shush, we don't want to be found, and get down!” in a loud whisper. Very slowly and silently, Val and Ender got to the ground. They crawled to the thing in the bushes and said “ who are you?” It responded with “i’m looking for food” Val freaked and jumped up followed by Ender. All of sudden a deer ran away and out of the bushes came a girl in her teens (Katniss). She shouted “What the Heck!!!? You scared away my food!!” Val said “S-s-sorry, we thought you meant us for dinner.” Well I wasn’t, what are you from like 6,ooo years old you should know your not posed to be in the woods during war.” Val said “The buggers are still trying to kill us? And yes we are from 6,000 years ago, also if were not posed to be out here, why are you?” “ It’s different for me, I kinda caused this war, what are buggers and WHAT!!!?” “ Buggers are creatures from another planet that have been acting us for centuries. Shouldn’t you know this?” “ No i shouldn’t since i lived in District 12.” “District 12??” “Don't ask, you already have a lot to catch up with, by the way. My name is Katniss Everdeen” “ My name is Valentine, and this is Ender, pleasure to meet you.” “It won't be a pleasure soon.” “Wh---?” “Don’t ask like i said before.” “ Well we just need supplies and we’ll be on our way.”Ender said “Good Luck with that.” “ We will..” “Lets Go!” Katniss responded rudely The followed this ‘Katniss’ throughout the woods were the reached a bare wire. She stepped through it and beckoned us to follow. Ender went first and Val seemed to hold back till Ender said ‘it was safe’. They reached a house and they went inside, there was a older lady, and young little girl and cat that hissed at the moment we were at the door. Katniss handed us some clothes, water, food the basics. She said “ i bring back to the woods but after that you’ll have to find for yourself to get home, i have enough people to support.” they agreed gratefully. She brought them to the woods and said “ Good luck Val, Ender.” They thanked her and started heading off when something blocked our way.........